Friday, May 17, 2013

Tinkerbell Paperfan Tutorial


Gift wrapping paper


1.        Stack 8 sheets of wrapping paper one on top of the other, matching the corners.

2.       Fold the wrapping paper up 1 ½ inches . Turn the paper over and keep folding up 1 ½ inches making accordion pleats.

3.       Fold the piece of tissue in half to find the middle.

4.       Cut a piece of Ribbon and tie it around the centre ensuring not to tie the knot too tight. 

5.       Staple one side of the folded paper.

6.       Fold the  paper in half and attach both sides together. Flip and staple to secure pieces together.

7.     Then fluff/open up the ends to reveal the fan shape

8.     And Voila-done!

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